Friday, January 9, 2009

Exercise of the Week


Huh? Well this is a way to continue Cardio training. Remember, we burn calories through Cardio training utilizing the muscles built during Resistance training. Therefore if we could do Cardio training as long as possible then we'd burn max calories -- but Cardio alone isn't enough since you have to have the muscles to burn the fat....the solution is to do compound exercises. Remember, the definition of Cardio Respiratory training is - using multiple muscles at the same time for an extended period of time. Therefore we could, technically, use compound exercises (those that use more than one muscle group) as a part of our Cardio...

Therefore you can perform traditional Cardio (treadmill, elliptical, steppers, etc) for 30-45 minutes EVERYDAY. Then you can extend this fat burn through the rest of your workout by using compound exercises. Think of it this way, we don't burn many calories during a bicep curl, because the bicep is a small muscle (it can only 'eat' so much), but if we stand on one foot while performing the curl, then we add in the core (for balance) as well as the thigh and hips. This increases the caloric burn (doing pretty much the same exercise) by an insane amount!! Speeding weight loss!

Conversely, those wanting to bulk up - need to conserve energy - burning calories is their enemy. So they need to sit with their arms braced on a bridge in order to conserve the most energy. (for the bicep curl)

Examples of Compound Exercises:

Lunges with a curl - overhead press
Squat - overhead press
1-Leg Squats
Lunge - front kick
Sumo Squat to torso twist


Tip of the Day

Veggies & Fruit

Guess What, these are another miracle for those looking to lose weight...why? Because you can eat unlimited supplies with very little caloric intake. Plus most are predominately water based, also helping with hydration. So STOCK UP! Keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for snacks and times when you're feeling peckish.

Munch Away!!