Saturday, May 5, 2007

This weeks Workout Plan

Days 1, 3, 5: Intensive Circuits
Circuit 1 -
Jog (outside / treadmill) 5-10 min
Squat - to - Overhead Presses
Chair Dips
Circuit 2 -
Jacks 25 repetitions
Reverse Lunge - Fwd Raise
Lateral Raise- Twists
Circuit 3 -
Squat Hops (open & close) 25 repetitions
1 - Leg Squat Resch
Dumb bell Pullovers
Circuit 4 -
Lunge - Rear Leg Fwd Kick 20 reps (each leg)
Around The World Lunges (Fwd / Side / Reverse)
The Hundred
Circuit 5 -
Ball Bridge Leg Curl
Ball Crunch
Ball Cross Crunch

Days 2, 4, 6 - Cardio Mix-Up
Circuit 1 -
Jumping Jacks (30 reps)
Lunge Rear Leg Front Kick 15 reps (each leg)
Circuit 2 -
Jog / Fast Walk (15 min)
The Hundred
Side Crunch
Reverse Crunch

Strength Exercises : 15 Repetitions

Repeast Each Circuit 2 - 3 Times

Optional Cardio/Strength Suggestions:
**On rest days cardio/spinning classes are optional. Especially if you snacked this week.
**KEEP YOUR STOMACH SUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES!! (like trying on a tight pair of jeans)
**Watch your knee placemetn on all leg exercises (like squats and lunges) your knee should remain over your ankle and ou should be able to see your shoelaces at all times.
***If you are unable to get to the gym and have no Stability Ball you can exchange the Ball exercises for the floor: Floor Pullover, Crunch, etc. (Instrad of Twists - Floor Cross Crunch; Instead of Ball Bridge Leg Curls - Floor Bridge and Floor Heel Presses)

*On a day where the 'sweet tooth' killed you and you snacked the best thing you can do is some Cardio. This will help take off the effects of snacking. Add 15 minutes worth of cardio on days you snacked.
* Try keeping healthy snacks in the house. Iif you start to get peckish try eating some carrots or a piece of fruit. People often forget that fruits and veggies have Fructose sugar in them satisfying many a craving for something sweet. If you don't have junk on hand it's easier to grab something good.
*Try keeping healthy snacks in your car. Eat one on the way home so you don't feel the need to chow once you get home. Have a bottle of water always handy - as thirst accounts for much of our peckishness.

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