Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weightless Training

Dumbbells are not a requirement for getting in shape - strength training is. It is sometimes easier to do 1 or 2 exercises spread out over the day rather than spending 90 min at a gym. I get that. So for those home bound moms - here is a list of Weight-less training exercises.

Reps: 18 - {The number of times to repeat an exercise}
Sets: 2 - {The number of times to come back to an exercise}

**Keep all movements extremely slow
Tempo - 4 / 4 / 2 for most unless indicated otherwise
***SET POSITION: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees soft, abs sucked in like trying on a tight pair of jeans, shoulders rolled back, chin slightly tucked.

Hydrants: (*bad knees lay over stability ball)
Kneel on all fours, with hands directly under your shoulders andknees directly under hips. Roll back your shoulders and tightenyour abs. Lift one knee out to the side to hip level (like a dogdoing his business on a hydrant ;D). Release knee back toward the mat.

Knee Lifts:
Stand tall in Set Position. Hands can be wherever is comfortable(usually on hips or held at chin level). Lift one foot off of the floor bending the knee. Try to bring the knee as high to your chest as possible without sloughing. Lower foot to the floor andrepeat with the other leg.

Lunge Knee:
Set position - (I like my hands up at chin level for this one). Stepone foot back about 2 1/2 feet. Lower rear knee to the floor untilboth knees are bent to 90. Without straightening first - push thelead heel into the floor to come up, balancing on the lead foot asyou lift the rear knee to the chest. Release to set.

Lay on mat on your belly. Place hands directly wider than your shoulders, legs outstretched with the feet hip width apart. Curl toes into the mat. Push your body off of the mat, balancing on your hands and toes. Tighten your abs to keep your spine straight and roll your shoulders away fron your ears. Bend your elbows lowering your chest toward the floor - only until your elbows arebent to 90. Don't dip your head or drop your pelvis toward the mat.

Opposite Arm / Leg Lifts:
Kneel on all fours with your hands directly below your shouldersand your knees directly below your hips. Roll your shoulders back away from your ears and tighten your abs. Inhale. As youexhale extend one of your arms overhead - straight out from the shoulder. At the same time extend the opposite leg, straight outfrom the hip. Hold for a moment. Release and repeat. (I suggestyou stick to one side through the set before repeating on theother side.)

Up Dog / Plank (Stability Ball optional)
FLOOR: Lay on mat on your belly. Place hands directly wider than your shoulders, legs outstretched with the feet hip width apart. Curl toes into the mat. TIGHTEN YOUR ABS (or you'll feel discomfort in your low back) Push through your palms to straighten your arms, lifting your entire torso off of the mat (includign your pelvis.). Hold for a moment. Bend elbows to 90 as you push through your toes to lift your legs off of the mat. Hold for a moment. Release to lying on mat.
BALL: Lay ober ball with the ball under your lower pelvis. Toes curled under andin contact with the floor. Walk hands up the ball (With Abs VERY tight) until yourupper body is lifted toward the ceiling. Hold. Walk the hands back down to the floor,arms straight. Lift both feet off of the flor - keeping your legs straight. Hold. Release.

Wall Pushup Rotation:
Stand about a foot away from the wall in Set position. Place hands on thewall at about shoulder height and wider than shoulder width. Lift onto yourtoes slightly (like your heels are on an air-hockey table). Slowly bend your elbows to bring your face toward the wall - stoping at 90. Keep your spine straight - don't dip your head toward the wall. Push through pals to straightenyour arms. Slowly swing one arm out wide to point behind you - turning your whole body in the prosses to look down the line of your arm (Like a ballerina). Untwist, placing your hand back on the wall. Repeat.

Squat Set (Wide, Narrow, 1-leg):
Stand in Set but with feet wider than shoulder width. You can place yourhands wherever is comfortable (I like the hips for this one). Slowly loweryour rear toward the floor by bending your knees and sticking your rear back (like tring to sit back onto a chair) Keep your knees directly over yourankles. Push through your heels to straighten your legs. Repeat 15 times. Push your feet together. Again lower your rear toward the floor sticking yourrear back but keeping your knees over your ankles. Push through your heelsto straighten your legs. Repeat 15 times. Pick one foot off of the floor. Lower your rear toward the floor by bending knee - keeping it over your ankle. Repeat 15 times. Repeat whole series 3 times.

Lay on mat on your belly. Arms outstretched overhead straight out from theshoulders, legs outstretched with the feet hip width apart. TIGHTEN your abs.Press your legs into the floor. Inhale. As you exhale Lift your upper body off ofthe mat, swinging arms outwide until they touch your hips. Keeping your torsolifted, swing arms back overhead. Lower arms and torso onto the mat. Repeat.

Seated Kicks: (*good for most knee issues)
Sit on the edge of a chair or bench. Place hands on chair slightly behind you for balance (gripping the edge slightly). Place your feet flat on the floor. Roll yourshoulders back and tighten your abs. Lift one foot a couple of inches off of the floor (keeping knee bent). Slowly Kick foot toward the ceiling until the leg is straight. Release the knee back to 90. Lower the foor back to the floor. (*If you start to cramp in the hip joint, stretch then repeat without lifting the foot off ofthe floor before kicking).

Step-up Lateral Lifts: (*NOT for Knee Issues)
Use a step, stairs or bench (heck you could even use the couch if you wanted to:))Stand perpendicular to the step. Place one foot on step with the knee bent to 90,knee directly over the ankle. Press through your heel to lift your body up, balancingon the step. Correct your posture. With your dangling leg straight toward the floor -Slowly lift leg out to the side as high as is comfortable. Release leg, lower off of step.

Bridge Leg Curls - STABILITY BALL
Lay flat on the mat with feet up on the stability ball and hands down by yoursides. Tighten your abs. Lift your pelvis off of the mat by pressing your feetinto the ball. Stabilize. Slowly, pull your heels toward your rear by bending your knees, until your feet are flat on the ball. Stabilize. Slowly extend your feet back out until your legs are straight. Lower your rear back onto the mat.

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