Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tip of the Day

It's rainy, sleety, snowy outside. It seems like the perfect day to sit around in my PJ's with lots of hot coco and chips watching, what? This is the perfect to for me to clean my house, or try out one of the exercise video's gathering dust, or even getting out of the house to go shopping or to the gym.

The hardest part of each day is deciding to MOVE to EXERCISE! Once you're at the gym or on the treadmill at home, then you have no worries, but each day you'll face roadblocks from the weather to the kids that make you want to stay home.

My advice?

  • Plan ahead. If you know you'll be less likely to want to leave the house, then set up several alarms, so set goal pictures on your cabinets / refrigerator. This way it's you inner voice nagging at you.
  • Get a buddy. I can't tell you how much having a support structure is important. Having a workout buddy will push you to exercise on those blah days. Having someone asking you how things are going (without judgement) will also help push you on.
  • Get a trainer. There really is a major difference between exercising on your own and exercising with a would think that as tired as you are after exercising on your own, or taking a Spin class, that that would be it...but there really is no comparison. Even if you only work with a trainer a couple of times a year, it really is worth it!

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