Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tip of the Day


The miracle weight loss secret. Seriously! Drinking water can help you lose up to 20 pounds in just a few weeks. You see, our water retention process is a reverse process. You retain more water the more dehydrated the body becomes. This is because the body fears water being scarce, like in a drought. This makes you put on the pounds. The body fears the lack of water -because then you'd die. So in the face of minimal fluid intake the body stores every ounce of water as it can squeeze from food and drink. When you continually drink appropriate amount of water, then you don't store as much water. This means you don't have that poundage. Carbohydrates are the tool the body uses to regulate hydration. SO, when people go on those carb-low diets, they tend to lose about 20 pounds relatively quickly because their body is incapable of retaining any water...but this is also not good because our body needs water to function normally. The best you can hope for is balance. When you're in taking enough water then you don't store water, you don't have all those extra water pounds, BUT (with a carb balanced diet) you also have plenty of HYDRATION so your muscles can work to burn the fat...
Water will also help you feel full, which will keep your portion sizes under control. Water, the truly amazing diet aide!!!!

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